PENELOPE MOROUT (or Mourrut, due to her double nationality) is an interdisciplinary dance artist and choreographer, who is intrigued by creating hybrid artworks through the intersection and fusion of diverse techniques, from both performing and visual arts (movement improvisation and expanded choreography, sketching and drawing, crafting, filmmaking, multimedia). She holds two bachelor degrees from the National School of Dance (K.S.O.T.) in Athens and the National Technical University of Athens – School of Architecture (Greece). In July 2020, she graduated with Distinction from the two-year Master’s Theatre Practices Programme at ArtEZ University of the Arts (The Netherlands), where she specialized in a holistic approach on performance production and dramaturgy, by combining academic research and artistic practices. Her work expands from sculpting dance-theatre performances and participatory multimedia installations to designing theatre sets and making mixed-media video-dance animations.
Penelope has participated in various workshops and festivals (Kalamata International Dance Festival, Deltebre Workshop Danza, ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival, BROCANTE International Circus Festival, DOCH School of Dance and Circus), while consistently following RootlessRoot Dance Company (Linda Kapetanea-Jozef Frucek) around Europe, in order to further deepen in Fighting Monkey Practice. Through the years, she has designed and developed her personal physical movement improvisation technique, “Sculpting Body-Images”, which she is sharing with movement practitioners in the form of intensive workshops around Europe. It is a practice in which the participants – based on their personal physical abilities in that moment in time – are invited to expand their body awareness and to evolve their movement identity, while improving their stamina, endurance, mobility and flexibility.
As a professional dancer and performer, she has collaborated with various dance and theatre companies [Juxta Dance Company/Christine Gouzelis-Paul Blackman, director Costas Filippoglou (Athens and Epidaurus Festival) and So7 Company/Frosso Korrou-Dimitris Kouroumbalis] and since 2018, she has been working in the theatre as a director/choreographer and scenographer (Folie à Deux and Ψ productions). Simultaneously, she works independently in the field of short screen-dance videos, dance animation και mixed-media films and has exhibited her work in a series of festivals around the world [TANZAHOi International Dance Film Festival (Germany), IMARP – Mostra Internacional de dança – Imagens em Movimento – Video dança (Brazil), Festival International de Danse Animée (France), International Forum of Performance Art (Greece)]. Furthermore, in 2020 she performed in Amsterdam Fringe Festival, together with co-creator Christina Mastori, an activist dance performance, T.E.P. | The Elephant Project, regarding illegal poaching and animal rights, while she was part of the International Exhibition HUMAN RIGHTS? | THE FUTURE’S SHAPE #WomenCanSaveTheWorld in Trento (Italy) with her short videodance film, Ophelia. Her latest solo H.I.I.T. | High-Intensity Identity Training (ReA! Art Fair, Milan-Italy), is a comment on the way identity can be commodified and delimited, when intertwined with the image of the body, particularly as projected through the lens of gym and fitness industry within Western contemporary society.

penelope morout


“I imagine that my skin is translucent, that it does not constitute the border where “I am” begins and ends. I hate compromises, I am an “all or nothing” kind of person. I can’t help but acting impulsively and savour life in its most ripe moment: NOW. I am passionate about art as a means of making sense to this extraordinarily inconceivable world we live in”.

February 2021: Founded Cross iMPact Civil Non-Profit Company, an organization which emerged from the deep belief that artistic innovation can be found in the meeting points between diverse art forms and techniques and that art is capable of producing a fundamental impact, in both the individual and the community. Always placing the body of both spectator and performer in the centre of attention, Cross iMPact Company aspires to create bonds between multidisciplinary artists and international artistic communities, and through its cross-disciplinary works, to challenge, problematize and establish essential dialogue between performers, artworks and spectators, particularly in issues concerning social and cultural identities, discrimination and human, animal and environmental rights. Penelope tries to live every moment to the fullest, since she sincerely believes that every conscious action, as insignificant as it may seem, is decisive to the shaping of social, political and cultural ecosystem.

▪ 2021/03/21-11. Artistic Residency for THAT DEAD SPACE BETWEEN US at Duncan Dance Research Center, Athens, Greece.

▪ 2020/10/27 – 19. Artistic residency for H.I.I.T. at P.A.R.C. / Fabbrica Europa, Florence, Italy.

▪ 2020/10/17 – 06. Artistic residency for H.I.I.T. at Murate Art District, Florence, Italy.

▪ June 2020: Received a relief fund from the HAMLET non-profit exhibition program, as a support for the ramifications of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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