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Frascati, Amsterdam (map)

The Elephant Project is a live performance - installation motivated by the fragile matter of animal rights, and particularly the amount of elephants that are being killed every day for their skin and ivory in Asia and Africa. T.E.P. is a project that emanated from the inherent need of the artists, Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout, to become involved through their creative practices with topics vital to our society in order to create awareness and spread knowledge. T.E.P is a form of protest, using mainly the origami technique as movement initiation in order to create paper-elephants, as well as an invitation for the spectator to become engaged to this matter. In this durational piece, the space is constantly transformed. As the performers gently fold the paper and accurately place the paper objects in space, a sculpture is shaped. T.E.P. has already been presented in the Come Together #4 Festival in Amsterdam in January 2018. Our greatest aspiration is to keep on evolving and presenting this project in order to inform the public about this important disruption of nature’s balance and to grow as artists as well as human beings.

View the live installation from:
January 24, 2019 - January 26, 2019
19:00-00:00 all days

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