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Sculpting Body-Images is a physical movement workshop of high intensity, shaped to challenge the known bodily patterns of each practitioner, while building up stamina and endurance. Through the use of spatial, temporal and physical constraints, the focus is turned towards bodily postures and the ways the spine and limbs can be engaged or counter-balanced, in order to gain agility, speed and resilience in physically demanding situations. Constantly transferring weight from one leg to the other, shifting positions in space, alternating rhythms, destabilizing the bodily structure, surprising oneself are some of the improvisational tasks used as tools to enable the constant interchange of body-images, as a means of creating new movement material and applying it to dance improvisation and artistic creation. Drawing inspiration from dance, fitness, sports, nature, handcrafting, the practitioners - based on their personal physical ability - either alone or in partnering work, are invited to expand their bodily awareness and evolve their movement identity.

MUDA sculpting body images

Penelope Morout sculpting body images

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