OPHELIA | HUMAN RIGHTS? The Future’s Shape #WomenCanSaveTheWorld

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OPHELIA | HUMAN RIGHTS? The Future’s Shape #WomenCanSaveTheWorld

La Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti di Rovereto, IT | International Exhibition (map)

OPHELIA is a comment on how Western society has always placed stereotypical preconceptions upon matters of femininity and sexuality. It has been selected to be exhibited in the international exhibition HUMAN RIGHTS? The Future's Shape #WomenCanSaveTheWorld.
The exhibition will take place in Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation in Trento, Italy. It is curated by Roberto Ronca and coordinated by AIAPI | Associazione Internazionale Arti Plastiche Italia. The event aims to call awareness avoiding common places brought by the word abuse: to speak about human rights has become so common that the words “human rights violation” are deprived of all meaning and by now they touch us only at a distance when we hear them, without getting them into our heads. The most immediate way to bring back this awareness, essential to be really part of a system which respects everybody’s rights, is to see with one’s eyes all that Artists have to say. Images insert themselves in one’s memory in such an immediate and strong way that all those who visit it will leave it more conscious and emotionally engaged.
To speak about human rights, according to Artists, means to “pull out” many ideas which can’t find the space fit for the purpose in other events.
HUMAN RIGHTS? wants to be a strong call to all the Artists and to all those who will visit it.



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