H.I.I.T. | ReA! Art Fair

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H.I.I.T. | ReA! Art Fair

Fabbrica Del Vapore | ReA! Art Fair 2020 (map)

H.I.I.T. | High-Intensity Identity Training has been chosen to be part of REA!Art Fair three-day event in Fabbrica del Vapore, in Milan, Italy. It is an on-site exhibition of a carefully selected curation of emerging visual artists coming from academic and freelance background (https://www.reafair.com/)

This performance is an artistic and physical investigation of subverting the established preconceptions placed on the body by the social construct and of reclaiming the agency of our body, our identity, while sharing a common space. In a world, where body-image standards that promote effectiveness and production are signifiers of success, health and happiness, we need to redefine who we are, what choices we make and for what reason, to acknowledge our potentialities, our strengths as well as our limitations, and claim back agency of our body, our existence in time and space.


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