H.I.I.T. | Murate Art District

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H.I.I.T. | Murate Art District

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H.I.I.T. | High-Intensity Identity Training is an artistic and physical investigation of subverting the established preconceptions placed on the body by the social construct and of reclaiming the agency of our body, our identity, while sharing a common space. It comments on the way identity can be commodified and delimited, when intertwined with the image of the body, particularly as projected through the lens of gym and fitness industry within Western contemporary society. In order to work on this concept, I incorporated into my daily routine two regimens, highly popular within the fitness industry: High-Intensity Interval Training (hiit) workout and Intermittent Fasting nutrition regimen, in order to see how my own body can be transformed, how this influences the way others look at me, to what extent does this resonate with my inner self. With the advent of internet and virtual reality, the sense of physically connecting to one another is often lost. In order to reconfigure a way of living in a world, where body-image standards promote effectiveness and production as signifiers of success and happiness, we need to redefine who we are, what choices we make and for what reason, to acknowledge our potentials, as well as our limitations and claim back agency of our body, our existence in time and space.


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