I feel I must negate all the rights you assume on me. The time is right. The people are ready.
There is a tornado coming and you cannot escape.
I should not escape it.

I stand still, fists tight, belly strong, legs firm, eyes wide open.
My eyes are damp from the words you left, I scream to dissipate them in the wind’s rage.
My life consumed by my saliva, it slides on my tongue and exacerbates my lips:


I turn and turn and turn and turn
I burst into a thousand insecurities, scattered in the hurricane, spiraling, moving, lost
To gain control, you need to lose control.

Once uprooted from familiar ground, my skin is scarred to the bone, my nostrils bleed out my remembrance and color my lips: lusty red.
I lick the blood with my tongue before I faint.
There is no iron left to taste, only remorse.


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