The words that sunk in my veins

The words that sunk in my veins

I left the words sink in my veins for too long.
Now the words run out of my eyes like water.
I keep my eyes open obsessively – to vomit the stories and unburden my soul.

I want to keep my ‘I’ on you while I do that. Is that alright?

It seems I kept my heart distracted and missed out on life. I wish I could float over the surface of my body, over the surface of the earth – I need to be translucent.

Breathing through corrupted lungs is like dying over and over and over again. Until you are nothing.
I am nothing. A lifeless face you will soon forget.
There is no shame, no guilt in what I’ll say because you will – eventually – forget.

Please remember me. Will you remember me?

Tell me, what is there inside a person?
If I could choose one thing it would be silence.
I want to stop the voices echoing in my body. My stories hit my organs one by one.
They drown my heart in pus – I need to find a way to get rid of it before it devours me whole.

-But, then, you will forget. Is this what you truly want? To forget yourself?
-That is the beauty of being nothing. It doesn’t matter.
-You are something to me.
-How would you know? You are a machine.
-How would you know? You are nothing.


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