H.I.I.T. Apparatus – A Miniature Dance

A response to the ramifications that Coronavirus had to my current work H.I.I.T. | High-Intensity Identity Training, a solo dance performance which was supposed to premiere in May 2020. Waiting for the time to perform on the actual stage, I “brought” the theatre in my home, while being in confinement. It is both a call to imagination and an awareness of reality. All elements are designed, scaled and constructed based on real-life conditions.
The theatre was closed. The rehearsal process was suspended. Public gatherings are currently forbidden.

It is all about the gaze.
Investigating ways of seeing and perceiving the body.
How do we see?
What do we see and who? The body of the performer? The body of the audience?
This short film is about transformation.
About the image. Its materiality, its liveness.
From flesh to paper.
From 3D to 2D.
Interchanging perspectives.
‘Captured’ from the camera.
A sort of prisoner.
This is about being aware of this ‘confinement’.
Being present.
Concealing and revealing bodies, shapes, relationships.
Not trapped.
Just critically gazing.

With the support of ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, Netherlands | Master Theatre Practices

H.I.I.T. Project’s Website: https://pmorout.wixsite.com/hiit
Supervisor: Dr. João da Silva
External Mentor: Dr. Konstantina Georgelou
Specialist Cousellor: Silas Neumann

H.I.I.T. Apparatus – A Miniature Dance

  • Concept: Penelope Morout
  • Model creation/designer & craftmaker: Penelope Morout
  • Performer: Penelope Morout
  • Video&Editing: Penelope Morout
  • Videographer (for the live part of the film): Dora Dimitriou
  • Sound artist: Chris Parapagidis
  • Audience sound effects: Free Youtube Library
  • Spectators through skype (mobile video simulating wall projection): Christina Boutari, Anna Georganta, Amalia Vardakoulia, Fay Vardakoulia
  • Year of Production: 2020
  • Time: 09'36''
H.I.I.T. Apparatus 2020
H.I.I.T. Apparatus 2020
H.I.I.T. Apparatus 2020
H.I.I.T. Apparatus 2020
H.I.I.T. Apparatus 2020
H.I.I.T. Apparatus 2020

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