THE BOX || that dead space between us

THE BOX stands. It opens. It transforms.
THE BOX reveals the body, it devours it.
It sets boundaries, only for the body to surpass them.
Inside THE BOX, time dilates, space fluctuates.
Inside THE BOX, encounters emerge.
Re-defining physical interaction under a state of suspension.

THE BOX || that dead space between us emerged as an idea during the recent period of consecutive lockdowns due to Covid-19 pandemic. Home lost its sense of privacy and assumed all roles: from the intimacy of the bedroom to the decency of the work environment, the laziness of binge watching to the hype of online clubbing, that limited space transformed into a boundless one, a world within a world within a world. Equally, while being rooted on a fixed point in front of a screen, the predetermined shape of the human body diluted between states, spaces, identities.
Using the concept of “dead space” in architecture as a metaphor and inspired by cinematography (early moving pictures, “Holy Motors”, “Deconstructing Harry”), painting (“The Garden of Daily Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch), philosophy (Gaston Bachelard, Juhani Pallasmaa, Plato) and puppeteering, the dramaturgy and movement vocabulary for this piece was created under the premise of disruption and layering.
THE BOX lures us into an underground journey between the real and the virtual, between the light and the shadow, between our deepest desires and our utmost fears. Oscillating between remembrance and oblivion, this performance is a pursuit of self-identification, a retrieval sense of purpose, of time, of human nature through tactile communication.


THE BOX || that dead space between us was created with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports for 2021-2022.

Supportive Organisations & Residencies:
Home of Performance Practices (ArtEZ, Arnhem, The Netherlands)
Syn-Kinisi Association of Expressive Dance (Chania, Greece)
Duncan Research Center (Athens, Greece)
MAD - Murate Art District (Florence, Italy)
PARC - Fabbrica Europa (Florence, Italy)

Special thanks to architect Miltiadis Agiostratitis, artistic mentor and dramaturg Dr. João da Silva and specialist multimedia advisor Fenia Kotsopoulou for their presence, advice and support.

  • Production : Cross iMPact | Penelope Morout
  • Concept & Direction: Penelope Morout
  • Movement Research & Performance: Penelope Morout, Ioulia Zacharaki
  • Dramaturgical Assistance: Stergiani Tsintziloni
  • Music & Sound Design: Chris Parapagidis
  • Set Design: Penelope Morout
  • Costumes & Special Set Composition: Ilianna Skoulaki
  • Light Design: Tasos Palaioroutas
  • Set Construction: ROKANI
  • Organisation & Assistance: Vassiana Skopetea
  • Video Trailer & Photography: Dora Dimitriou
2022 THE BOX
2022 THE BOX

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