The Libretto of the Opera is based on the ancient Greek tragedy of Euripides and the aim of this venture, organized by the non-profit corporation “HIMERA FOR CULTURE”, was to create a fund. A special committee was assigned for that purpose and, through transparent procedures and based on specific criteria, that fund was made available to Greek composers with the aim of composing an opera that draws its themes from Ancient Greek Tragedy.

At the Athens Concert Hall, with the participation of the Athens Orchestra Academica.

  • Writter: Theodore Stathis
  • Direction: Ersie Pittas
  • Music Direction: Rafail Pylarinos
  • Choreography: Juxtapoz (Christine Gouzelis &Paul Blackman)
  • Set Design: Titi Kyriakidou
  • Alcestes: Myrsini Margariti, Soprano
  • Admitos: Zafeiris Koutelieris, Baritone
  • Apollo: Giannis Filias, Tenor
  • Hercules: Stavros Salampasopoulos, Tenor
  • Death: Dionysis Tsantinis, Bass
  • Maid: Stamatia Molloudi, Mezzo-soprano
  • Servant: Kostas Zampounis, Tenor
  • Chorister: Vasilis Asimakopoulos, Baritone
  • Chorister: Alexandra Kapantai, Alto
  • Chorister: Lito Messini, Alto
  • Chorister: Konstantina Strani, Mezzo-soprano
  • Chorister: Sotiris Triantis, Baritone
  • Dancer: Dimitra Kokkori
  • Dancer: Maria Manoukian
  • Dancer: Penelope Morout
  • Dancer: Maria Perdiki
  • Dancer: Marina Rammou
  • Dancer: Periklis Skordilis
  • Dancer: Antonis Strouzas
  • Dancer: Konstantina Tsivou
  • Dancer: Athanasios Zervopoulos
2015 Alcestes Opera Performance
2015 Alcestes Opera Performance
2015 Alcestes Opera Performance
2015 Alcestes Opera Performance

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